My Story

 Ground Truth was launched in the Fall of 2014 with a small production of 100 cases. The underlying principles and philosophy of the winemaking take root in my exposure to some of the Central Coast’s best vineyards, farmers and winemakers. While going to UCSB I was fortunate enough to work for several wineries and winegrowers. Quickly realizing that my passion for winemaking was strongest while in the vineyard, I decided to focus my attention on learning how to farm, with the ultimate goal being to make wine from ground-to-bottle.  

With the support of friends and family, I have decided to pursue this goal and I am currently learning to farm wine grapes in Santa Barbara County. This opportunity has allowed me to surround myself with some of the region’s best vineyards. This “boots-on-the-ground” approach allows me to be in the vineyards daily, witnessing the entire lifecycle of wine grapes.

Having an educational background in geology and geomorphology, I am obsessed with examining natural systems and processes, and the resulting forms. With this frame of mind, I am attempting to make wine that captures the systems of forces and energies that give it shape. I want my wines to be the truest expression of the regions they come from, with the least amount external factors possible.

I am excited to grow as both a winemaker and farmer and truly appreciate the support that I have received. 

-- Garrett Gamache

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